A new kind of AI.

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OutOfBrain will be available in 2020.

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OutOfBrain Desktop

OutOfBrain is a new kind of AI inspired by the inner workings and complexities of living cells.
Install OutOfBrain Desktop to setup and run your AI. Watch the network (the AI's brain) activity while you communicate with it, while it answers questions and performs tasks.
Runs on PC, Mac and Linux.


Your access to intelligence

OutOfBrain Desktop provides access to the public AIs on the OutOfBrain network. Explore the network to find AIs that provide the intelligence you're looking for.

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Learning, fast and slow

Train your AI by chatting with it or by feeding it streams of data. But you don't have to teach your AI everything yourself. Simply let your AI acquire the knowledge really fast by letting it communicate with an expert AI on the OutOfBrain network (audited and rated by the community).



Create high-performance autonomous AIs for your industry. Simply hook up the AI's I/O and let it get to know its new environment.